Cracked Wheel Repair


The Alloy Wheel Repair Process

Most cases we refurbish wheels with the tyres off, but we do offer smart repairs which is a small repair that can be done the same day. Wheels can be brought to us with or without the tyres.

All wheels however will be rebalanced after a repair using stick on weights and placed on the inside of the wheel.

Wheels which are getting a full refurb are placed in a chemical tank to remove excess coatings prior to blasting.

Cracked Wheel Repair

Cracked-Wheel-RepairMore expensive wheels tend to be prone to cracking as they are getting larger and have less strength as a general rule . They then run on low profile tyres which offer less protection on impact.

A cracked wheel is a MOT FAILURE and also leads to tyre pressure loss and could cause damage to your wheels