Increased Width


If you are going to plus sized and increase width of the wheel, try to increase the width in even proportions equal to either side of the mounting face plate. If the offset is the same or similar to the old one this will not be a problem, however if you have an alloy that has a larger offset to the factory wheels the balance will be out. This is because the wheel connection is further forward or behind the original factory wheel connection and you have and the width of the tyre is also increased.

  • Increase the width in even proportions & Larger offset to the factory wheels

For example if you have to move the connection plate further forward by 10mm from an offset of 38 to 48 and have added 10mm onto the tyre, the outer line of the wheel will be 15mm out of place and change the tracking. It is not always possible to achieve the same ratio but try to avoid excessive changes.

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