Pitch Circle Diameter

Circle Diameter Measurement

The correct PCD or Pitch Circle Diameter measurement is essential to make sure you get the correct alloys. If you have the wrong size, the alloys you purchase simply wont fit. The PCD is a measurement system used to attach the wheel against the faceplate and spigot. The most common PCD connection is 4 – 100, meaning that 4 wheel nuts are required to secure the wheels which are spaced evenly around a 100mm circle. The PCD is not always recorded in this format (4-100) and can be commonly found other variations such as 4×100, 4/100, 4100 and some others. The most common PCD alloy connections contain 4 and 5 studs (but can occasionally go to 8) However the diameter can range from 88 to 130 millimetres in diameter.

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Another example of a PCD could be 5-108 but this number will often be unique to you vehicle make and model

Often Alloy Wheel Manufacturers will provide an alloy wheel in a multi-fit PCD, this means that the alloy will fit both the fitments suggested. e.g. 4-100/108 will fit 4-100 and 4-108 you would use the PCD that matches your vehicle PCD Vehicle manufactures often use the same measurements within the brand however its best to check your manual if you are unsure of what the measurements are on your vehicle as the PCD varies from vehicle to vehicle. (This information can always be found in your manual, but if you can’t find it contact your vehicle manufacture to be certain).

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