Plus Sizing / Up Stepping


Plus Sizing and Up Stepping is done to maximise the cars performance and also allows you to up the size of the alloys. When changing your alloys you can either upgrade the for the same size alloys and keep the same size tyres, or move up 1” or 2” (e.g. 15” to 16 or 17”) and reduce the size of the Alloy Wheel Finaltyre. This is done by using a lower profile tyre (increasing the tyre width and reducing the tyre height).

This will give the vehicle a different handling characteristic being much more stable and responsive when cornering, however the down side to this is that ride comfort is reduced making the bumps and divots more noticeable.When Plus Sizing its important to stay as close to the original tyre specification as possible, it’s usually acknowledged that a 3% difference acceptable.
This is important because the larger the difference the more likely you will encounter problems with the gear shift points

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  • Onboard Computers


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