Pothole Facts


  • Potholes are a major factor in causing axle & suspension failure, which counts for a third of mechanical issues on UK roads and costs British motorists an estimated £2.8 billion every year.
  • Authorities currently pay out more than £50 million in compensation claims due to poor roads.
  • Road maintenance in England and Wales is underfunded by around 50%, or £1 billion every year.
  • At current maintenance levels, the average frequency for a road to be resurfaced in England is once every 65 years. In Wales it is once every 81 years.
  • If all authorities were given the budgets they need to fix their roads, it would take English authorities 11 years to catch up with the current backlog, and Welsh authorities 16 years.
  • Data used is from the Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) report 2008, published by the Asphalt Industry Alliance, April 2, 2008

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