Professional Locking Wheel Nut Removal


white-alloy-wheels-3With alloy wheels becoming ever more popular so has the need for theft prevention. The majority of motor manufacturers have implemented a Locking wheel nut system to prevent your wheels from being stolen. Every year thousands of people wheel nutsare faced with the problem of having their alloy wheels removed after they have lost the locking wheel nut removal tool/socket.


Don”t let anybody try to remove your expensive alloy wheels with a Lump hammer and cold chisel


If you find yourself in this position, your first thought will be to visit your local tyre shop or garage.

The problem with this is most of these establishments have a tool for removing your wheel and it is usualy a lump hammer and a cold chisel. The outcome is that you sometimes get your wheel removed, usually you have damage to your wheel and at worst you have a damaged wheel and they still haven”t been able to remove your wheel, and now it is even harder for anybody to remove your wheel without the tool.

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